Month: December 2016

Newborn Found In A Mall Toilet

A newborn baby’s body was found dumped in a toilet Somerset Mall, Friday in Capetown, South Africa, by a Cleaner. “We are really saddened by this because here a life is lost which could have been saved if we can do a simple thing – by just giving the baby up for adoption, or reporting […]

NFL Player & Activist Jim Brown “I fell in love with Donald Trump”

NFL Player Jim Brown “I fell in love with Donald Trump” So after Kanye West meets up with Donald Trump at Trump Towers today to talk about, whatever, who knows, NFL Player Jim Brown, this big ole manly man meets up with Trump too and admits he fell in love with him…. “I fell in […]

Kanye West From Trump Rant To Trump Towers?

What’s really going on with Kanye?    Kanye West is seen walking into Trump Toweres to meet up with Donald Trump, but to talk about what? Do you think they both will be working on making America great again?