Month: September 2017

Tommy Sotomayor “Why I no longer support Trump”

Tommy Sotomayor speaks on comments our President Donald Trump made about firing NFL Players who disrespect the American Flag. “Trump is making it hard for you to support him. He is going out of his way to make you supporting him be a problem.  We put our necks on the line for Trump and he […]

Black Man Screams Like A Run Away Slave After Being Stopped By The Police

The police stopped a black couple in a routine traffic stop and asked for their license. The cop was calm and polite, unlike most traffic stops. The black guy refused to give the cops his licensed after being asked over and over. He was talking real big and tough to the cops until those guns […]

Why You Can No Longer Blame White People

It’s Time To Honor Ancestors And Culture Black People constantly blame white people for their misfortune vs looking at themselves. When do we stop blaming the white man? According to a recent analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau, women and minorities consistently make up a disproportionately low share of U.S. business owners. For instance, Black […]