Author: Pattie Cakes

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Cops Murders White Man While He begs For his Life (Graphic Video)

What we have been experiencing for many years now, cops murdering many, regardless of race now, and they are getting away with it. Should American Citizens start marking cops, even the good ones, as Dangerous Species? In this video, we watch a cop play with a man, making him crawl on his knees, “put your […]

Tommy Sotomayor Breaks Down Crying While Insulting Child Custody

Tommy Sotomayor calls the Child Custody Lady a “F****** White Bi****”, while breaking down and crying after she comes to his home to investigate child custody charges against him. Tommy Sotomayor, the man notorious for bashing black women in the worst way and stressing his dislike for black people, although he is black himself, finally […]