Author: Pattie Cakes

My main focus is build relationships between all races..

Boyce Watkins Exposed As a Scammer By Asian Marketer

Boyce Watkins is my Pitch Guy. We sell black people hopes and dreams.” Charles Wu stated. Charles Wu, an Asian descendant, University Economics graduate, has exposed Dr Boyce Watkins as a Pro-Black Race Baiting Hotep Pimp. Wu is on the record calling Boyce his character, insulting blacks

Uber Driver Exposed For Allegedly Sexually Harassing Exotic Dancer

Cecelia Canales Montero, Fayeville, NC, an Exotic Dancer at Secrets Strip Club, was placed in what she describes, a frantic situation after she took an Uber ride home. Allegedly, she was touched inappropriately,  while in the car with her Uber Driver, Celesio Newman of North Carolina, teacher and speaker at Inpired2Inspire. “I’m 4’9 20 and […]

Cops Murders White Man While He begs For his Life (Graphic Video)

What we have been experiencing for many years now, cops murdering many, regardless of race now, and they are getting away with it. Should American Citizens start marking cops, even the good ones, as Dangerous Species? In this video, we watch a cop play with a man, making him crawl on his knees, “put your […]