Donald Trump Diss; Muslim Ring Leader Close Connection in Jail for Murder


Donald Trump Diss; Teen Muslim Ring Leader Close Connection in Jail for Murder
Donald Trump Diss; Muslim Ring Leader Close Connection in Jail for Murder

“F*** Donald Trump, We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump. Catch his Lil P**** As* and give him his hundred rounds drum.”  PEEP F**K DONALD TRUMP VIDEO


Where are these kids parents of this Donald Trump Diss??? These are young Baltimore teenagers threatening Donald Trump, a politician’s life. I am not sure if these kids are aware of what they are really saying, but someone needs to step in and let these children know the seriousness of the threats in this song. As a matter of fact, two teens from Georgia were just recently arrested for Social Media death threats on GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump according to New York Post. And guess what, the 15-year-old boy is charged with terroristic threats and acts reported to the FBI Hotline.

There is nothing wrong with freedom of speech, but threatening a Politician’s life cause you don’t like what he stands for or what he says won’t work in anyone’s favor, Black, White, Mexican, Hispanic, no one’s favor. When violence gets involved on a Government Official, the FBI gets involved. And to make matters worse, according to Mark Dice, the Ring Leader of the song, American Muslim Ahmed A. Abdelhameed Ibrahim, whose twitter name is @DooleyFunny, close connection, Tyshawn Francis, 16, of Middle River, is in jail for 1st Degree Murder on a Baltimore teen, reported by WBAL-TV 11.

It’s amazing how quickly people research. You have the Muslim Ring Leader’s close connection already in jail for 1st Degree Murder, two teens have already been arrested for threats on Donald Trump’s life. I really don’t see a pretty ending for these teens.

My question is, what does Black Lives Matter have to say about this? These black lives are at stake. When does Black Lives Matter? Do black lives matter only in certain situations? Here’s the thing about this whole ordeal, is it ever ok to spread hate and threaten violence because you don’t like someone, but want others to stop da hate?. What’s your thoughts?



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