Month: July 2016

Former NFL Player and Wife, Reportedly Killed By Teenage Son

Former NFL Player Antonio Armstrong and his wife Dawn, both age 42, were reportedly killed by their 16 year old son in their bedroom.  According to ABC 13, Houston Police received a 911 call around the early morning, on Friday. The call came from the Armstrong’s 16 year old son, who is reportedly the alleged […]

Tommy Sotomayor Shockingly Reveals Why He Degrades Black Women

Tommy Sotomayor Reveals Why He Hates Black Women Tommy Sotomayor recently admits he degrades black women publicly because he gets paid by racist white people to do it. “Black women today are the world’s retarded children. We have the worst options in mates” Well, Tommy Sotomayor, as we see, talks real bad about black women. […]