Month: September 2016

Trump And Clinton Debates Black Neighborhoods

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Argument Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a extremely great debate tonight, although Trump wasn’t prepared enough on some questions like “The Birther Issue” and Taxation Issues. But I want to touch on the two most important issues Americans are suffering at the most. Both Candidates were asked how they […]

Keith Scott Wife Screaming “Don’t shoot, He Has No Weapon”

 “Don’t shoot, He Has No Weapon” Keith Lamont Scott, black man who was shot and killed by Charlotte police, released video Friday that his wife recorded on her cell phone at the time of the killing. “Don’t shoot, he has no weapon. He has a TBI. He hasn’t taken his medicine” These are the words […]

Mark Zuckerberg: How to Build the Future as an Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg Gives Tips To Entrepreneurs“ The biggest risk you can take is not take any risk at all.” Mark Zuckerberg gives a lot of important information, views and insight to become the best entrepreneur, while building the future. Mark also discusses how he got started with Facebook.