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Month: September 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump; Unbias Review #Debate2016

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Who Won #Debate2016?

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Who Won #Debate2016? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a extremely great debate tonight, although Trump wasn’t prepared enough on some questions like “The Birther Issue” and Taxation Issues. But I want to touch on the two most important issues Americans are suffering at the most. Both Cadidates were asked how they would fix the economy and Income Inequality.  Now Hillary Clinton stated she would create more jobs, increase minimum wages, close the Corporate Loop, have better Family Paid Leave, and make the job pay fair for all. Here is my issue with this, these are the same ole laws and plans that have been in place for decades. Have these laws and plans  help the American Poor or Middle Class get out the Rat Race? Have these laws made poor and and middle class people rich? Donald Trump states he would build our economy back up to how it use to be; when the United States had a better economy. His argument was that other countries like China and…

PA Police Officer Drug Overdose at Police Station

PA Police Officer Drug Overdose at Police Station

PA Police Officer Drug Overdose at Police Station   Johnstown, PA Police Officer, whose name has not been releases yet, found unconscious at a Police Public Safety Building on Sunday. It has been stated that the officer had overdosed and had to be revived with Narcan. State police are reportedly investigating the apparent drug overdose of  the Johnstown Police Officer who was on duty at the time. Police on drugs now??? A Naloxone nasal injector is demonstrated during a news conference at the Oakley Kroger Marketplace store to announce the supermarket chain’s decision to offer the opioid overdose reversal medicine without a prescription, Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, in Cincinnati. Naloxone is routinely carried by fire-rescue crews, which use it thousands of times a year in Ohio to revive overdose victims. Kroger, based in Cincinnati, has 2,774 supermarkets and multi-department stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia. WE GOTTA STOP ALL THIS HATE..AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPOSE TO PROTECT US..ON DRUGS

Keith Scott Wife Screaming “Don’t shoot, He Has No Weapon”

Keith Scott Wife Screaming "Don't shoot, He Has No Weapon"

Keith Scott Wife “Don’t shoot, He Has No Weapon” Keith Lamont Scott, black man who was shot and killed by Charlotte police, released video Friday that his wife recorded on her cell phone at the time of the killing. “Don’t shoot, he has no weapon. He has a TBI. He hasn’t taken his medicine” These are the words Scott’s wife repeated. PEEP VIDEO ON KEITH SCOT BEING SHOT AND KILLED BY POLICE So many incidents keep happening with Police Brutality.