Month: October 2016

Hillary Clinton Leaked Conversation Calling A Black Servant A N*****

Chef Snitching On Hillary Clinton Using The N**** Word Hillary Clinton’s Former Traveling Chef, Tracy Martin, stated in a recent interview with Tom Bauerle at WBEN 930AM, “I saw Hillary once call a Black Servant the n-word at an event with Jacques Chirac from France and his wife in Washington DC. .” “A gentleman of color came in […]

One Dead, 2 Wounded at a Gucci Mane Concert

One Dead, 2 Wounded at a Gucci Mane Concert Someone opended gunfire about 1:00 a.m. Sunday night, at the Concert Hall, Ambassador on 9800 HallsFerry Rd, after Popular Hip Hop Artist, Gucci Mane concert was over. St. Louis County Police stated that the suspect shot in a crowd of people targeting the 34 year old […]

Was Bill Clinton Alleged Son Danney Williams Sitting With The Trump’s Too?

Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Not Invited To Sit With The Trump’s Debate Night? So at least 3 of Bill Clinton’s Rape Accusers were invited to watch the wife of their accuser, Hillary Clinton, they say raped them, debate in the Presidential Debate against the other Candidate, Donald Trump. But where was his Alleged African American […]