Month: November 2016

Brother Polight Scammed Me

Brother Polight Has Been Accused Of Scamming Many African Americans “Buyer beware of Brother Polight 2012 store. When buying from him, you might not receive your product.”

Trump Protesters Arrested

Police Arrested 71 Anti-Trump Protesters 71 people were arrested during Saturday Night’s Protest, 11-12-2016,  in Downtown Portland after failing to obey numerous lawful orders to vacate city streets. Road flares and bottles were thrown at police officers to stop them. WOW, this is what happens when Media scare people to death.

WANTED For Brutal Murder of Carl “CJ” Crosby In Atlanta GA

WANTED For Brutal Murder of Carl CJ Crosby On 812 Vanderbilt SHOW THE WORLD BLACK LIVES MATTER. Suspect wanted for brutally killing Carl “CJ” Crosby in his home in Atlanta Georgia, 812 Vanderbilt NW . PLEASE come forward and turn this Senseless Murderer in so his family and friends can rest. You can call Atlanta […]