Month: December 2016

Rapper Kills Himself to Adele’s ‘Hello

“The feeling that nothing is going to work out. Feeling hopeless and alone.” “My ex girlfriend Ashley killed herself when I was a teenager. My grandpa killed himself when I was 19. My friend Gary killed himself a few years after my grandpa. A year after that, Debra Antneys son Kayo killed himself the day […]

All Hell Break Loose When A White Guy Says “I Love Black Women” Publicly

“Why I Love Black Women” ALL HELL BREAK LOOSEwhen this FINE white guy by the name of Jacob Michael Mason publicly announces on his Facebook Fanpage that he loves black women. He goes on to explains “Why I love Black Women.” “they go through things on a normal day that most people don’t go through..that most […]

Oakland Fire Victims Missing & Photos

Oakland Fire Victims Missing Please continue to pray for the families of these Beautiful Young Creatives dead or missing in the Ghost Ship Warehouse, where a tragic fire broke out killing 36 people. READ FULL STORY OAKLAND FIRE                 FACEBOOK: Vanessa Plotkin, 21, attends UC Berkeley Student. Family Members […]