Month: August 2017

Tommy Sotomayor Caught In His Lies

Tommy Sotomayor “Sandra Bland got what she deserved. I wish there was a video with them hanging the bitch.” “I use to take baths with my 8 year old daughter, but I stopped because she kept staring.” Tommy Sotomayor clapped at Hassan Campbell a.k.a Poppy over these allegations, he stated isn’t true. “Poppy Hassan, why isn’t […]

Tommy Sotomayor ” Afrika Bambaataa Took Your Butt”

TOMMY SOTOMAYOR HAS GONE TOO FAR NOW!! “Poppy Hassan, why isn’t Afrika Bambaataa dead for running up in your s**t? He dooked your shoot when you were a kid. He gave you a prostate exam. He took your as*. He f***ed you in the as*. He split your as* open. he didn’t have respect for […]

8 Things White Men Love About Black Women

What I love About A Black Woman “People say black women are loud mouths. They talk loud. They use loud words. They curse a lot. But I don’t believe that to be the case. What I see is black women are very expressive. They know how to communicate. They know how to say what they […]