About Us

Stop Da Hate Merch is NOT ANOTHER movement, but a lifestyle change. Our mission is simple: for Champs who love to be a part of fighting against the hate or should I say haters in the world by wearing our gear to help spread the word , and to recognize and support a rising creative generation by showcasing their stories on the upcoming Stop Da Hate Show.

The more our Fashionable Stop Da Hate Merch LLC (designer customized t shirts, drawstring bags and (caps coming soon) are worn, this can help alleviate some of the hate in the world. How? Think about it. It’s a mental thing. The more our eyes see a certain image or phrase, it mentally processes it. Again, this can help or prevent some of the hate or haters in the world.

Stop Da Hate Merch helps spread the word across the world….BE PART OF NO NOT ANOTHER MOVEMENT, but a lifestyle change.

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