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All Hell Break Loose When A White Guy Says “I Love Black Women” Publicly

All Hell Break Loose When A White Guy Says "I Love Black Women" Publicly

Why I Love Black Women

ALL HELL BREAK LOOSEwhen this FINE white guy by the name of Jacob Michael Mason publicly announces on his Facebook Fanpage that he loves black women. He goes on to explains “Why I love Black Women.” “they go through things on a normal day that most people don’t go through..that most white women do not go through. And have to deal with so much grief on a normal basis..I feel like they are more independent, more powerful, easier to get along with…..” If anybody knows what black women go thru day in and day out, internally and externally, their struggles, it’s Jacob…PEEP THE FULL VIDEO THOUGH…BUT PEEP SOME OF THE COMMENTS FROM THE BROTHERS BELOW..THEY ARE SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS Jacob Michael Mason’s Video below…
“Why I Love Black Women”

#YE #stopdahate
“He just trying to get the black girls on his side. If I wore a shirt saying the same about white women, all of them would flock to me just because. He playing mind games with y’all.”

“You have an obvious agenda, only thing you are doing is trying to turn African women onto pale men. That’s it! Every post on your page is the same, I see nothing about combating the very system that oppresses my people in this country on your page, up until now, I believe because people started calling you out on your bullshit. You are completely undermining us as African men. We love our women & the fact that you are advocating African women turning to Pale men sickens me. We don’t appreciate what you are & what you’re trying to do by spreading your propaganda. WE STILL HERE, STOP PRETENDING WE DON’T EXIST & KNOW WE’RE NOT GOING TO CONTINUE TO PUT UP WITH YOUR BULLSHIT. We consider this a declaration of war on the African family. You can never take our place in this world, we see right through you & your pro-tactics. You blatantly lie & say your trying shed light on institutionalized racism, etc. when in fact all of your content promotes the destruction of the African family in favor of African Women fishing for pink meat. If you’re so for interracial relations then how come you only post pale men with African women & not vice versa?? You’re trying to take our place, pretending that we don’t exist to our women while constantly simping & programming them by visually depicting happily ever after memes, statuses, posts, etc. of pale men being with African women! In order to take down a Nation, you must do so through the woman, old school war strategy. You’re an Agent, you ain’t slick. WE HERE & WE READY FOR WAR ABOUT OUR WOMEN. YOU WANT TO BE US, YOU GOT TO BEAT US!”

If it took a white man’s compliment to make (some) Black women feel special, we got a real fuckin problem…
Black women, why you give so mush credit to the White man, and criticism to the Black man? Outside of color do we not love you? Do we not try to make things right? A woman’s heart.”
Just throw a Stop Da Hate cheap t shirts at these guys and say #stopdahate


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