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My main focus is build relationships between all races..

Power Of Knowledge WordPress Support

WordPress SEO & Self Help This an introduction video to Power Of Knowledge TV, which will be hosting a series of step by step tutorial visual videos for beginners on how to fix WordPress website errors. Our videos will also be focused on SEO (search engine optimization) every day issues. common plugin issues, premium theme […]

Surviving Charlamagne “He Drugged Me And Raped Me.”

Surviving Charlamagne Tha God- The Jessica Reid Story “I remember an incident in Murda Beach, South Carolina. I got this girl real drunk and we fu****. I went to the Sex Store and got Spanish Fly. I put Spanish Fly in her E & J. It’s legal. They sell it at the Sex Store. In […]

Uber Driver Carjacked & Beaten In Atlanta

Uber Driver, pepper-sprayed, robbed, carjacked and beaten by two black women after picking them up on Georgia State University Campus. “This is my car now,” the two women told Diggs after they took the keys from the start and strolled to the driver’s-side entryway, authorities said. Cricket Diggs was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for […]