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My main focus is build relationships between all races..

Uber Driver Carjacked & Beaten In Atlanta

Uber Driver, pepper-sprayed, robbed, carjacked and beaten by two black women after picking them up on Georgia State University Campus. “This is my car now,” the two women told Diggs after they took the keys from the start and strolled to the driver’s-side entryway, authorities said. Cricket Diggs was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for […]

White Man Issues A Warning To Black Men

White Man Issues Warning To Black Men About Absentee Father Rate I’m concerned about African Americans. There may be a civil war. I hope not. Other races don’t feel sorry for you. There will be ethnic-strike. And the government is just going to start killing people and locking people up if

Uncle Luke “Kanye F****ng The Master’s Daughter”

Hip Hop Legend Uncle Luke “We are still slaves. We work for f****** low money. Parents got us enslaved in the mind. They teaching us to hate one another. That’s f****** slavery right there. White people don’t do business with us. Who are going to support black businesses if we don’t?