Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Sits With The Trumps

Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Sits With The Trumps Tonight After This Video

Juanita Broaddrick, Former President Bill Clinton Rape Accuser, interviewed (crying and emotional) with Breitbart News in the same same clothes she wore to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Debate tonight. How convenient and ironic is this?

And what do you know, Broaddrick does this interview with The breitbart News, a Movement known for White Supremacy. Donald Trump’s Chair C.E.O., Steve Bannon, a long time affiliate of Brietbart News, is also affiliated with the Alt-Rite Movement; known White Supremacist. PEEP JUANITA BROADDRICK SPEAK ON RAPE, BILL CLINTON

Broaddrick trembles and weeps as she goes through the events on what Bill Clinton brutally did to her.

But Donald Trump’s Leaked Video Though

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