Black Man Beaten, Robbed, & Shot By 3 White Supremacists

Hate Crime Murder: Black Musician, William Sims, Beaten, Robbed, & Shot By 3 White Supremacists

HATE CRIME: EL SOBRANTE, CALIFORNIA: A 28 year old Black Singer was beaten, robbed and shot dead right after Trump was elected because of the color of his skin by 3 White Supremacists.

Three White Men killed Will Sims in the early morning of Nov. 12 outside the Capri Club, a Pool Hall in El Sobrante, California, but the police are just now releasing this.

There was supposely be an altercation with the 3 men, nothing serious, but serious enough for those White Supremacists to have robbed, beaten and shot Sims in cold blood.

There is no telling how long Sims body had been laying there, but a Patrol Officer found him too late. He was already dead at the scene.

One of the Racist White Supremacists Daniel Porter-Kelly, was found 4 days later, arrested and charged in Richmond, California for the brutal murder, robbery, and hate crime but the other two are still out there dangerous, armed and loose.

The police are still looking for Hercules Ray Simons, 32, and Daniel Ortega, 31. Ortega’s mother was charged with interfering with the investigation and is being held on a bond of $500,000. SMH

Will Sims didn’t fit the average description the police always try to lum black men in. He had no police record, was not a thug and was well establishe with a career.

More than 700 Hate Crimes have been reported since Donald Trump was elected. pray for the family

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