WordPress Support For Small Business

WordPress Website Issues Support

This an introduction video to Power Of Knowledge TV, which will be hosting a series of step by step tutorial visual videos for beginners on how to fix WordPress website errors. Our videos will also be focused on SEO (search engine optimization) everyday issues. common plugin issues, premium theme conflicts, PHP fixes and more.

Website Developers and WordPress Experts use the same process I will be showing how to do in my step by step videos. But the only difference is you won’t have to cough of tons of money cause you will learn how to fix your site yourself.  Continue reading “WordPress Support For Small Business”

Charlamagne Raped Me

I was left naked, drugged and screaming “no, stop.”


“I remember an incident in Murda Beach, South Carolina. I got this girl real drunk and we fu****. I went to the Sex Store and got Spanish Fly. I put Spanish Fly in her E & J. It’s legal. They sell it at the Sex Store. In my mind, I don’t know if this sh** really work. But I feel like I got horny as a motherf*** too. She was drunk and sh**. And we had sex and sh**. And like, a lot of my boys were trying to come in the room and fu** her. And I was like nah, I’m not going to let yah run a train on her. That’s rape. So the next morning, she wakes up and ummm, we talk about it. And she was like, what happened? I was like we had sex. She said, pk well I’m glad it was you.” Charlamagne confessed on his podcast with his Co-Host Andrew Schulz.  Continue reading “Charlamagne Raped Me”

Uber Driver Carjacked & Beaten In Atlanta

“This my Car Now Bitch”

Uber Driver, pepper-sprayed, robbed, carjacked and beaten by two black women after picking them up on Georgia State University Campus.

“This is my car now,” the two women told Diggs after they took the keys from the start and strolled to the driver’s-side entryway, authorities said.

Cricket Diggs was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment after police discovered her “laying on the ground, covered in blood” Saturday morning in the 1500 square of Langston Avenue, as indicated by the police report.

The women made that move after Diggs asked them to get out of the auto when she saw they had cancelled their ride. When they wouldn’t, Diggs stopped the car and called 911. Before Diggs could get out of the car, one of the women hit her in the face multiple times, knocking her into the passenger seat. The other woman began pulling Diggs out of the vehicle and pepper-sprayed her.

Before 911 got to the location, the two black women also had time to rob the driver for her cellphone, identification and bank cards, according to Channel Action 2 News.

The auto was recouped in East Point, Atlanta, fingerprinted for evidence and discharged to Diggs husband.

“I’m glad we recovered the car but I’m angry that they took everything in my car.” Diggs stated.