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Carl “CJ” Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?

Carl "CJ" Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?

Carl “CJ” Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?


I never ever thought I would be writing about someone I actually know personally…and it really hurts. This just can’t be real. I am trying to process it. But my mind is making it so hard..the thoughts..I can’t really process it.

More “Black on Black’ Crime. Why do blacks hate each other so much and don’t value each other lives? Why is a black life worthless unless another race take it?

Carl “CJ” Crosby was found dead in his apartment around 8:30 Wednesday night on Vanderbilt in Atlanta, Georgia. He was shot in his own home in the basement. Jesus know this had to be someone he knew well. And that someone is usually a close friend. Well we always believe we have real friends, until we start shining and CJ was great at shining on em.

Carl "CJ" Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?
Carl “CJ” Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?

CJ was recently shot in the chest about 6 months ago, but he survived it, but he wasn’t so lucky this time. He leaves behind two beautiful children, daughter 9 and his 5 year old son, that will never see their dad again, and he was very active in their lives…an amazing father. But it’s gotta be devistating to tell those children “Daddy isn’t coming home anymore.” This Ruthless Cruel Murder has taken apart of these kids life, they can never get back.Carl "CJ" Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter? WHAT CAN SOMEONE TAKE THIS BABY’S FATHER AWAY?

Carl "CJ" Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?

CJ was not even 30 yet, but he did enjoy life every day like it was his last day. He was a lover of the outdoors and fast, pimped out cars. You can catch him stunting with Underground Rim King or holla at him when he politicking with Stay Down Riders. He just love CARS THAT GO HARD.

CJ clowing on his last and final birthday on earth back in September..DAMN

Carl “CJ” Crosby was loved by many and will definitely be missed by his children, family and friends. PLEASE people find it in your hearts to come forward and don’t follow the hood rules “no snitching” rules. People we gotta start making Black Lives Matter. R.I.P. Cj…I am so tired of saying r.i.p’s. What can we do to stop this hate? Please people, let’s work together on this.Carl "CJ" Crosby, Found Dead In Atlanta; Black Lives Matter?



      • Essence Fire

        This article is exacty what everyone needs to hear. Cj was always welcoming and had a smile on his face. The only thing he was more passionate about than cars was his children. He was a very proud father and he had the utmost respect for the mother of his children. We get so angry when a stranger is killed at the hands of someone of a different race. But we are quick to turn the other cheek when the enemy comes and take someone we know. When will we learn to value each other within our communities? When will the lives of our sons, brothers and husbands matter? Cj is gone now, so the fact that he is so relevant after death holds no value. When someone tried to take his life 6 months ago, someone could have stood up for Cj. We have to hold ourselves accountable to one another. It has to be just as upsetting when one of our brothers loses his life to gun violence. We should be planning marches, candle light vigils, etc. But we won’t because black on black crime has been accepted and excused. ALL LIVES MATTER!! Until we learn to love ourselves as much as we love becoming part of what’s relavant, our lives will never matter to the ones that care. UNTIED WE STAND-DIVIDED WE FALL!! May the spirit if God cover his family with love and fill their hearts with piece. JUSTICE FOR CJ!!

        • Pattie Cakes

          Yes he love the kids and their mom!!! OMG and you hit the “Black on Black” Crime right on the nose. One of the reasons I started “Stop Da hate” Movement is to help limit and work against “Black on Black” Crime but people really don’t care unless another race take our lives. I talk about this all the time on my shows every Sundaty..We have to do something. I did this video a few months ago talking about this madness People are so upset on me on Facebook because I been speaking out more..Why don’t we march when our own is killed by one…We gotta change. You are definitely right…We don’t value each other, which make other not value us…I was wondering if that last shooting is linked with this one. You know it’s someone he knows. And yes, it does seem like people seem like our lives matter more when we are dead. I am willing to work with others to help us try to find a solution..march, anything to help all this senseless killing. I live in Atlanta. If I can find some one to help form the marches, visials, classes, speaches in the hood, I am definitely down. Those Black Male Leaders, who will not do anything to help with “Black on Black” Crime always try to talk people into believing it’s ok..That is so wrong…people are dying in thousands by blacks, not police. This is another video I did..because we do have to love each othe matter the race..WE ARWE ALL ONE..we have to start looking at it like that. This is another video JUSTICE FOR CJ…let’s start making a difference before they die..

  1. Tristie Johnson

    This is so unreal. We would clown around on facebook and instagram all the time. R.I.P CJ smh. He sent his heartfelt condolences when I lost my father 2 Weeks ago. This world is full of sick ppl. I pray the person who did it is found real soon.

    • Pattie Cakes

      Yes I am still trying to process it…it just seems like it’s a nightmare that won’t leave…Sorry to hear that about your father. Very sick people. We have to figure out a way to stop the killing…We have to..JUSTICE FOR CJ..

  2. Yolissa

    I’ve learned of this tragic loss just this morning. This article speaks volumes I love it. I attended school with him a Mays for a short period of time. He was a cool guy. My heart goes out to his family and his kids. God bless.

    • Pattie Cakes

      Thank you Yolissa..I found out that night and just really couldn’t believe it..I washed my face so many times just hoping this wasn’t real..Yes he was definitely cool and loveable..My heart goes out to his family tooand especially though beautiful children that really need their father..

  3. Chanell

    Very nice article. I’ve been knowing CJ since I was 13 and he had always been someone I held really close to my heart. He was such a beautiful person with so much life in him. I look at his pictures everyday and even go as far as hoping it wasn’t our CJ. This doesn’t feel real at all and its so hard to even begin to think about that he is no longer here.

  4. Angela mccoy

    Yes he was such a great person. Whenever he saw me he always pulled up on me. Man whoever know anything please come forward. Im still shocked and cant believe he is gone. I swear when i see a group of cars ima still be hoping he is somewhere in there. He was truly a friend….

    • Pattie Cakes

      Definitely Angela…I am praying and also spreading the word everywhere…I posted the video on my youtube channel of the suspect…We gotta catch who did this because he didn’t deserve this..Yes, I wanted him to be rememeber as CJ, the cool guy, living life, happy because it’s who he was..

  5. Hawaii

    Wow I still can’t believe he’s gone I was just sitting here reading the last text that we had he was telling me to calm done it’s going to be ok on that day I was so mad I was doing 140mph on the freeway if it wasn’t for he’s heart filled words telling me to slow down and go home and sleep the anger off call him in the morning I did what he said and at 8am I got a call from cj cussing my ass out .he was that angel that was there for me that night ..may you rest in peace

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