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Uncle Luke “Kanye F****ng The Master’s Daughter”

Hip Hop Legend Uncle Luke “We are still slaves. We work for f****** low money. Parents got us enslaved in the mind. They teaching us to hate one another. That’s f****** slavery right there. White people don’t do business with us. Who are going to support black businesses if we don’t?

Black Culture Has A Whore Value System

Professor Black Truth “Black Community is a Whore House. It’s become a Whore’s Paradise. Whore’s don’t build. They have no strategy. They don’t use hierarchical reasoning skills. The most important conversation that a whore will ever have revolves around whose crotch can attract the most men or women.” When you look at the value system […]

Joyner Lucas “I’m Not Racist”

In Joyner Lucas “I’m Not Racist” he opens up the first dialogue for black and white people to discuss their issues.. With all due respect I don’t have pity for you black niggas, that’s the way I feel Screamin’ “Black Lives Matter” All the black guys rather be deadbeats than pay your bills Yellin’ “nigga […]