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Chicago Raid; Police Arrest 120 Gang Members & Felons

Chicago Gang Raid; Police Arrest 120 Gang Members & Felons

Chicago Raid; Police Arrest 120 Gang Members & Felons

Chicago goes on a rampage after the constant homicides and shootings in Chicago and does the unbelievable, a Gang Raid. UNBELIEVABLE!

“We just have to do something to send a message to these individuals; the repeat gun offenders..that we just won’t tolerate it. Until we do that, we’re going to continue to see this violence.” CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Chicago police racked up 120 offenders who are supposedly the main sources of violence. According to Chicago Police, 98 of those arrested had previous contact with CPD, 83 are convicted felons, 63 are documented gang members, and 33 have been arrested on gun charges. Officers also seized 19 illegal guns, including four rifles.

“These guns were guns that were going to be used on the street. We recovered shotguns, assault weapons, guns with extended magazines capable of shooting 30, 40 rounds at a time,” said Chief of Organized Crime.

This is a big wow. The grand question is why now after Donald Trump became our President? Why now? Trump has previously spoke with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about seeking Federal Assistance to help control the violence in Chicago, and he recently tweeted about sending the Feds in Chicago to control the violence. Could this be looked at as a race-baiting issue or could Trump and Chicago Police finally just trying to end the violence?

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