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Do Pro-Black People Really Want To End White Supremacy?

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Are Black Men Benefiting From White Supremacy?

A lot of you are not going to like what I am about to say, but I often wondered about Pro-Black People’s Agenda. I often wondered why Pro-Black People preach about a past they never even experienced, like slavery. What is the real deal or should I say what do they get out of it?

But who are Pro-Black audience? Are they more of the underachieved blacks, blacks that don’t feel accepted by the white race so it makes them angry, blacks that are mad at a past they never went through, blacks who have been hurt or gotten their feelings hurt by “the white man?”

Think about it, blacks that are educated, doing their thing, business owners will not follow that Pro-Black type of stuff. Why, because it’s just not the real world. Any rational person knows that Pro-Race of anything, just isn’t real. It’s not life.

There is no such thing as a Pro-Black when the blacks still work for the white man, pay rent to the white man, shop at the white man’s stores, pay their bills to the white man, use the white man’s tools to help them get farther, learn with the white man, borrow money from the white man, eat at the white man’s restaurants..I can continue, but you see what I mean? People are so delusional. I bet you all are mad at Brother Polight “No Longer Pro-Black” after taking your money, dissing you afterwards, and leaving you stuck and confused.

And if you are not doing business with other races,  you don’t have a real business..well not a business that really matter to the world..well, except the select few who thinks just like you.

But worse of all is White Men are building Empires, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube for pro-Black People to continue to run around on and talk about them. And the Pro-Black Men are making these platforms a whole lot of money. Did you know that Social Network Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  Demographics are infested with blacks who don’t own anything? It is social vs business type of sites, but that’s another story.

Why are all of these blacks not building their own platforms since they have time to lounge on the White Man Platforms? Or should I ask why are the Pro-Blacks not putting their money together and building their own Social Network Platforms? You know why, they are using the White Man’s Platform to continue to talk and scam these low self-esteem, non-productive blacks out of their money. It’s that simple.

I agree 100% with this video. Being Pro-Black is a hustle. The Pro-Black People  are using White Supremacy and your suffering to make money off you vs telling you the real issues. This is why when any sensible black speaks out about black issues like black on black crime, blacks not supporting each other, blacks not starting corporations, blacks not building Empires, they are called Coons, Sell-Outs, anything to shut them up.

And where do you get that talk? I tell you where, Pro-Blacks. They brainwash you into believing the “woke people” are irrational, Uncle Sams. Ending White Supremacy is a threat to their brand like Tucker from Fox News told Tariq Nasheed. But like Fox2 says “You Paid For It.” LOL