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Former NFL Player & Wife Slaughtered By Son

Former NFL Player and Wife, Reportedly Killed By Teenage Son

Former NFL Player Antonio Armstrong Killed By 16 year Old Son

Former NFL Player and Wife, Reportedly Killed By Teenage Son

According to ABC 13, Houston Police received a 911 call around the early morning, on Friday. The call came from the Armstrong’s 16 year old son, who is reportedly the alleged shooter. The police arrived on the scene after 1:30 a.m at 5300 of Palmetto near Mapleridge. Investigators reportedly found a note that read “I’ve been watching you” next to the gun allegedly used in the crime. The 16 year old son was arrested, and remains in Juvenile Custody, but police have no motive yet,  on why the shooting happened.

Authorities spoke with many of friends and family of the Armstrong’s and neither reported any trouble in the family. “There was nothing left out. There was no neglect or anything, nothing that could even possibly justify the situation,” Dawn Armstrong’s cousin, Vaun Lee, told Houston’s ABC 13 . “This makes no sense. No sense.”

 Antonio and Dawn also had a 20-year-old son and a younger daughter. Both children were home during the shooting, but unharmed.

Antonio Armstrong just started a personal YouTube channel within the last month called “Strong Talk.” He started posting empowerment speeches as a Professional Athlete. Words from one of Antonio’s speeches, “Through the healing process, you are strengthened,” he said. “Life is about being happy and I hope that through these talks, you can take your own personal pains; your own personal disappointments. And find strength in it so you can be the best you that you can be.”


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