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Japan Invests $50 Billion In The U.S. To Help Trump “Make America Great Again”

Japan Invests $50 Billion In The U.S. To Help Trump "Make America Great Again"

With The Help And Success Of President Elect Donald Trump, Japan Invests $50 Billion In The U.S Towards Business And 50,000 New Jobs…GO TRUMP!!!

Tuesday, Donald Trump met with Billionaire Masayoshi Son, who controls Sprint Corp, for a Business Meeting.  And what do you know, $50 billion in the U.S from Softbank to Trump. invested and the creation of 50,000 new jobs, was the result of this 45-minute private meeting between Son and Trump.

See this is the difference between an Entrepreneur who built businesses and created jobs a Politician who is a worker, just like most Americans.

 “I plan to invest into the new startup companies in the United States. It would be difficult to create 50,000 jobs entirely by investing in startups, which generally employ few workers.” Mr. Son stated.

Son stated that the funds will come from a $100 Billion Tech Fund he has with Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth fund, according to The Wall Street Journal. Son has an 80% stake in Sprint for $21.6 Billion.

Last week, Donald Trump, the mand with a plan,  just saved 1100 jobs and invested $7 Million in “The Carrier Deal.”  Trump comes in winning and and hasn’t even stepped one foot in the White House yet….

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