Jennifer Holliday Cancels Perfomance At Trump’s Inauguration

I will Not Be Performing For Trump

Less than a day after Jennifer Holliday was named as the headliner at President-Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration Concert, she pulls out of the concert. After the harsh negative lash out she received from the LGBT Community, she felt her fans were more important.

Jennifer Holliday, age 56, Tony-Winning Actress, was suppose to perform alongside Lee Greenwood, Tony Keith and 3 Doors Down at Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 19th for what Trump calls “Make America Great Again” Welcome Celebration.

Now that Donald Trump will be America’s next President of the United States, should people at least give the man with so much power over the country we all love, a chance or just continue to make it hard for him? Did Holliday make the right choice? Thoughts?

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