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Newborn Found In A Mall Toilet

Newborn Found In A Mall Toilet

A newborn baby’s body was found dumped in a toilet Somerset Mall, Friday in Capetown, South Africa, by a Cleaner.

“We are really saddened by this because here a life is lost which could have been saved if we can do a simple thing – by just giving the baby up for adoption, or reporting the baby to us or just taking the baby to the police and saying ‘you know what I don’t want this baby, please take it to social service’. There are social workers on duty around the clock.” The Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz angrily stated.

EXTREMELY DISTURBING..I understand sometimes, unplanned pregnancies happen, but there are other ways to deal with these type of incidents. Abortions are not illegal nor are Orphan Homes. There even women in the world who cannot have children who are willing to adopt. I am sure even a friend or family member may even take in a love one’s child. To think of someone just killing or dumping their own baby’s body in a toilet, who didn’t ask to be born, it makes you wonder how can people be so evil.

Police say an investigation has been opened.

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