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Tommy Sotomayor Breaks Down Crying

Tommy Sotomayor Caught In His Lies by Hassan Campbell aka Poppy

Tommy Sotomayor calls the Child Custody Lady a “F****** White Bi****”, while breaking down and crying after she comes to his home to investigate child custody charges against him.

Tommy Sotomayor, the man notorious for bashing black women in the worst way and stressing his dislike for black people, although he is black himself, finally has a breaking point.

Sotomayor has been beefing back and forth for awhile now with other You Tubers like Hassan Campbell, a victim who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Hip Hop Mogul, Afrika Bambaataa, Tariq Nasheed, “Hidden Colors” Movie Producer, True Freeman, another popular YouTuber, The Black Conscious Community as a whole, and a long list of mad black women. But Sotomayor may have lost it now and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell and Tyra Jemel “True Freemen” Moore may have broke the camel’s back. Is Tommy deserving of this?

Tommy Sotomayor cries and calls the Child Custody Investigator a “F****** White Bi***” because she was doing her job. Why though? After all, he has broken many black women self-esteem and refer to them as black hoes, bashed dead people, Keneka Jenkins, Sandra Bland, men who have been killed by police. He has even went as far as telling his white fanbase to just open fire when they see a gang of black men. Does Tommy really hate black people that much or is this just a gimmick? Well after his little shenaniganss in this video, you have to wonder. After all, he did admit racist white people pay him to degrade black women in his videos. So again, does Tommy Sotomayor deserves the same negative damaging energy he puts out?  You be the judge.


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