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Tommy Sotomayor Caught In His Lies

Tommy Sotomayor Caught In His Lies by Hassan Campbell aka Poppy

Tommy Sotomayor “Sandra Bland got what she deserved. I wish there was a video with them hanging the bitch.”

“I use to take baths with my 8 year old daughter, but I stopped because she kept staring.”

Tommy Sotomayor clapped at Hassan Campbell a.k.a Poppy over these allegations, he stated isn’t true. “Poppy Hassan, why isn’t Afrika Bambaataa dead for running up in your s**t? He dooked your shoot when you were a kid. He gave you a prostate exam. He took your as*. He f***ed you in the as*. He split your as* open. he didn’t have respect for your lips.” Sotomayor angrily spoke.


The lie detector test determines, that was a lie. Ooooops, I mean the video of Tommy admitting he took a shower with his daughter out of his own mouth. And the video of Sotomayor saying horrible things about Sandra Bland.

Tommy Sotomayor just recently roasted and made fun of Poppy. He disrespected, degraded and made fun of Hassan Campbell a.k.a Poppy, one of Afrika Bambaataa’s, the Hip Hop Legend from Zulu Nation, victim he allegedly molested when he was 14. Poppy received a video about Tommy saying ‘That bitch Sandra Bland got what she deserved. I wish there was a video with the cop hanging her. But the video proves that Tommy Sotomayor is just a liar. He is mean, hateful, dangerous and a dirty old man who makes fun of rape and molested children. He gets caught in his lies, once again.

He is also the black man who that shows his hate for black women, daily, publicly. Some time ago, Tommy Sotomayor admitted that racist white people pay him to degrade black women in his videos. He talks about how the white people are the ones supporting him. But this making fun of molested children. I guess the punch Tommy Sotomayor suffered at Se Nater’s Reunion, just wasn’t enough to shut him up. He keeps going and going.  I really don’t know anymore…PRAY FOR TOMMY.

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