Tommy Sotomayor “Why I no longer support Trump”

Tommy Sotomayor speaks on comments our President Donald Trump made about firing NFL Players who disrespect the American Flag.

“Trump is making it hard for you to support him. He is going out of his way to make you supporting him be a problem.  We put our necks on the line for Trump and he doesn’t give a sh*t. Your Leader of your country is a straight dumb as*.” Tommy emotionally spoke.

Tommy Sotomayor, a Popular YouTuber, made his wealth off of degrading black women. This is the same man that is bashing the president for having the same freedom of speech he often says he use, when other blacks attack him for bashing his own people.

Now, here is my issue with this, out of all the injustices in the world, Sotomayor support this? Blacks are being killed at a mass number by people who look just like them, innocent babies are being shot and killed, black being killed by the police, black men bashing black women all over social media and he supports the “NFL Boycott” cause?

But one thing for sure, Sotomayor definitely pissed off  his white fans with the Trump hate. But then again, he did call them dumb asses in one of his videos. He said he can say anything and they still will support him. So they will be ok…But the comments though below…
Sotonation is upset
“I knew you would show your true nigger colors…I swear i knew it. Fucking nigger…Now i pray u all fucking die..fuck u nigger. die nigger die nigger. you and your nigger kids your nigger self does not take of you nigger. you will always be a nigger and every nigger i see now will be a nigger because of your nigger ways nigger. You are wrong on this nigger and there is no coming back. FUCK YOU NIGGER DIE!!!!!!! CURB STOMP AWARENESS MONTH MONKEY”

“HOW ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!!!!! CHICAGO!!! Fucking Chicago!!!…Acting like a real blue true Nigger! I unsubbed. No more money from me blackie.”

“Then go ahead and vote democrat and don’t complain when Mexicans replace Blacks in terms of voting pull and the issues of the black community never get solved.”

“Sorry Tommy. I’m going to unsubscribe. I totally disagree with you on this. These protesters can protest on their own time and own dime. If they were protesting for innocent men, I would also take a knee, but the men they name are CRIMINALS. Bye. Wish you the best.”

“Wow I can’t comment that’s OK your going to delete it you went to far talking about Donald Trump you must be Drunk don’t be surprised if your Broke in 2 years are in Jail you probably forgot that your Black.”

“You still a crispy coon nigga…. Fuck you”

Someone hurt a niggers feelings

“tommy about as uncle -tom as you can get ,..he love these white devils,………… he want to leave Donald trump…………..coon negro are so stupid..they do not know were to fit-in,..but that how it is when your a SELLOUT NIGGA.”

“Tommy see how your bosses turn on your dumbass keep tap dancing Nigga”

Tommy Sotomayor Caught In His Lies by Hassan Campbell aka Poppy

“Thats your dumbass fault for thinking white people ever saw you as equal. You’re just another “nigger ” who’s willing to make their job easier by saying the things you say about “niggers.”

“Somebody ask Tommy why not one football player melt down to protest when Obama was president,that piece of shit divided this country more than anyone but because he’s black he got a free pass like most blacks.”

“Yes I’m ok with Trump. You choose Football players disrespecting the flag…I’m unsubscribing from all your channels. You’re a hack.”
Oh Tommy Sotomayor, so disappointed. Your channel just committed suicide ☹️”
“you are spitting on the graves, the fucking graves, of fallen soldiers!!! go fuck yourself, you entitled P.O.S.!!”
“get out of your chat room? get out of my country!!!!”
“Ultimately this video is the reason I don’t trust any people. Black or white, people are evil.”
“This is what I hate!! When people (former Trump supporters) Start to realize what others didn’t like about him after the fuckin fact!!! Seriously dude I do not want to even hear you!! That’s like a bandwagon rider all about a hyped up team, then when another team beats them, you’re not a fan anymore!! You people swore up and down Trump was the best thing for this country, you put this shit head in office then you realize you made a mistake?!!!!! Stop talking Dude!!! YOU DID THIS!!!”
The comments is so disheartening….

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