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Trump Saved 1000 Carrier Employees From Job Loss

Trump Is "The Man Of The Day" By Saving 1000 Carrier Employees From Job Loss

Trump Is “The Man of The Day” By Saving 1000 Americans From Job Loss

Donald Trump strikes an amazing Business Arrangement, The $7M Carrier Deal, which will save almost 11oo employees, from losing their jobs by keeping the company in the United States vs moving to Mexico.

Can we say Trump is “Man Of The Day?’ He did say he wants to “Make America Great Again.” And he starts off keeping his word, letting his actions speak for itself before he even made the White House his home yet. Some people make not like him. Some may love him. But at the end of the day, we all definitely have to respect his worth ethic. But being from the Entrepreneur World, Successful Entrepreneurs are “show and tell” with an Action Plan. GO TRUMP!Donald Trump "Grab Them By The P*sy" Trump Leaked Conversation

Carrier United Technology is a very old company based in Indiana, that’s been around for ages, since 1902, that specializes in the production of air-conditions. I bet you have one of their air-conditioners in your house or apartment. But just like other Manufacturing Companies in the U.S., they either move to China, Mexico or the Phillipines to take advantage of low wage workers to produce their products.

In Trump’s speech today at Carrier, he stated he found out about the company’s plan to leave through a Viral Facebook Post, the company’s son had made. THIS IS THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

The President-Elect then calls the company and let the owner know if you are planning on leaving, we are gonna tax the heck out of you, if you export products back to the U.S. Now what President has done that? Yes it sounds threatening and frightening, but at the same time, sometimes this is really needed. Great Leadership like this is what America really needs.

Now some companies do struggle financially and, unfortunately, they are forced to leave America to stay in business…this is Carrier United Technology reasoning. Thanks to Donald Trump, Carrier will remain in the U.S. with a Striking $7 Million Dollar Tax Incentive, similar to President Obama’s Tax Incentives For Businesses. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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