Trump Threatens To Send The Feds In Chicago Hoods

“I Will Send Federal agents There”

“I will send in the feds in that horrible “carnage” going on.” Donald trump tweets. Well the horrible “carnage” he is speaking of is Chicago, the hoods, the block.

Now throughout Donald Trump’s Presidency Run, he did mention quite a few times about putting an end to the violence in Black Neighborhoods. He even suggested there should be a “Stop and Frisk” Law to fix the crime in Chicago, but he never mentioned sending the feds in..WHAT A BIG SURPRISE.

“228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings. (up 24% from 2016) Trump continues. ” I will send in the feds.” It hasn’t been 30 days in 2017 yet and Chicago has had 38 homicides and 182 shooting already. Around this time last year, there were actually 57 homicides, so I really don’t know how Trump came up with the “up 24%” but I get his point.

Trump has previously spoke with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ask for Federal Assistance to help control the violence in Chicago, but I guess this was purposely not mentioned by the media during the debates.

” A policy like “stop and frisk” could save thousands of lives in a city like Chicago, just like it saved thousands of lives in New York.” Trump did mention this during a rally in Florida, and he also spoke of this during his and Hillary Clinton’s First Debate.

Hummm, what do you all think about Trump sending the Feds in the hood because we all know the violence won’t just magically stop? There are way more issues going on in these Black Neighborhoods along with heavy violence.

Starting the year off, Donald Trump may be the cause of the hold up on Income Taxes for the poor, replacement for Obamacare, Approval for Dakota Access Pipeline, Freeze on Federal Jobs…5 days in office..What’s next President Trump?

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