War On Illegal Immigrants Increases; Durban Sweatshop Busted

On Wednesday, the police arrested the owner of a Shoe SweatShop  in Chatsworth, Durban and 35 Illegal Immigrants. It appears the war on Illegal Immigrants are getting worse or should we say immigrants as a whole.

Donald trump puts a travel Ban on certain Muslim Countries, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, that are ISIS controlled countries, where most illegals supposedly come from. But now Durban Sweatshop gets searched for illegals and find them…What is really going on?

“Officials discovered that 35 employees didn’t possess any work permits and were also in the country illegally. All 35 were placed under arrest. Most of them were from Lesotho and Malawi.” Police spokesman Captain Nqobile Gwala stated.

Captain Gwala also stated that the owner was well aware that he had illegal immigrants working at the sweatshop.

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