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White Man Kills 15-Year Old Black Teen

White Man Killed 15-Year Old Black Teen For Bumping Into Him

White Man Kills 15-Year Old Black Teen He Calls “Another Piece Of Trash Off The Streets”

William Ronald Pulliam, a Remorseless White Man, 62, killed 15 year old black teen, James Means, for bumping in to him, outside of a Dollar General Store, in the 1500 block of Washington Street East in Charleston, West Virginia.


James Means bumped into Pulliam and there was a verbal altercation after that, but no physical altercation, according to a 911 call that came from the store. James then went across the street from the Dollar General and sat on his friend, Clayton Ferguson’s, porch.

Clayton told police that Pulliam later came out of the store and walked past them…then Pulliam and Means began arguing again. Means walked across the street towards Clayton and was shot cold-blooded, twice in the stomach.

Clayton killed the teen, then left, went and ate dinner, and visited a friend after that, where he was later arrested for 1st-Degree Murder. A .380-Caliber Revolver was found with him.

Clayton told the police, “The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street.”

Means was pronounced dead at the hospital. WE HAVE TO STOP DA HATE.

Detectives are investigating for a possible Hate Crime.

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