Tommy Sotomayor Found Guilty By Battle Truth

Tommy Sotomayor Gets Trashed By BattleTruth

Battle Truth Trashes tommy Sotomayor

Breaking News: BattleTruth, Battle Rap Mogul,  trashes Black Woman Hater, Tommy Sotomayor, and find him guilty on 7 counts, terrorism, False Personation, maliciously making false claims, etc.

Battle Truth asks constantly, how can someone like Tommy Sotomayor been surviving so long? Stephon Clark, another self-hating black man who hates black women was just brutally murdered in Sacramento by the police. Will it take Sotomayor to get his “nig** wake up call” as too or will it be too late like it was for Clark? Or is he just too powerful to touch? Or can it just be Continue reading “Tommy Sotomayor Found Guilty By Battle Truth”