Black Culture Has A Whore Value System

Professor Black Truth “Black Community is a Whore House. It’s become a Whore’s Paradise. Whore’s don’t build. They have no strategy. They don’t use hierarchical reasoning skills. The most important conversation that a whore will ever have revolves around whose crotch can attract the most men or women.”

When you look at the value system of every race in the world, you can see what set of beliefs and attitudes that they all share.

When you look at a value system, it should stand fro something great and positive; you would think. For instance, White Culture  values capitalism, entrepreneurship, family, great character; even if they had to kill to get it. Indian Culture values arranged marriages, joint families, entrepreneurship. Hispanics Culture values strong family, integrity, leadership. But what about Black Culture? Continue reading “Black Culture Has A Whore Value System”