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Charlamagne Tha God Raped Me

Charlamagne Tha God Raped me

“I was left naked, drugged and screaming “no, stop.”


“I remember an incident in Murda Beach, South Carolina. I got this girl real drunk and we fu****. I went to the Sex Store and got Spanish Fly. I put Spanish Fly in her E & J. It’s legal. They sell it at the Sex Store. In my mind, I don’t know if this sh** really work. But I feel like I got horny as a motherf*** too. She was drunk and sh**. And we had sex and sh**. And like, a lot of my boys were trying to come in the room and fu** her. And I was like nah, I’m not going to let yah run a train on her. That’s rape. So the next morning, she wakes up and ummm, we talk about it. And she was like, what happened? I was like we had sex. She said, pk well I’m glad it was you.” Charlamagne confessed on his podcast with his Co-Host Andrew Schulz. 

“She probably was a fast tale little girl so she deserved.”

Yes, this is what most black women are told when they have been raped and molested, although most rape and molestation is done by some one they are very familiar with: an Uncle Robert, Moma’s boyfriend, grand-daddy Joe, Big Cousin Tyrone, a friend of the family, and even their own daddy.  According to Diane E.H. Russell, a Feminist Researcher, the 1986 study she conducted that 63 percent of the black women who participated in the study had been molested before age 14 and were assaulted again in their adulthood. Subsequent studies over the last two decades have supported this study, concluding that girl survivors of sexual assault are anywhere from 2 to 11 times more likely to be sexually assaulted as adults. Black men have been destroying their women for decades. So what Charlamagne Tha God did or R Kelly did is nothing new. Charlamagne admitted himself on The Breakfast Club that he grew up in Rape Culture.

Jessica Reid, Charlamagne Rape Accuser, was only 15 years old when she stated she was raped by Charlamagne. “He met my mom and told her I was in good hands” And later that night, Jessica Reid was left naked, drugged and screaming “no, stop.” But what does he care. She is just a black women to him….nothing special. Believe or not, this is the average mindset of most cold-hearted narcissistic black men. Black Women are raped and molested by the very men who suppose to love and protect them. They have broken the trust between black women and men by raping and molesting over half of their women before they are even 18.

Like Reid, there are many silent rape victims out there in the Black Community.  They are told to keep it on the hush. Black Men are a Protected Class in the Black Community. Historically, black women were told that the white man is the devil and he use to rape you. But ironically, these men have done the same thing they tell you the white man did you. The Black Community tell their women to always protect their men, not expose. And the cycle continues. #JusticeForClosure

The Jessica Reid Story

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