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Oakland Fire Victims Missing & Photos

Alex Ghassan and his long-distance fiancee, Hanna Henrikka Ruax

Oakland NightClub Fire Victims Missing

Please continue to pray for the families of these Beautiful Young Creatives dead or missing in the Ghost Ship Warehouse, where a tragic fire broke out killing 36 people.


Denalda Nicole Renae, Oakland Fire Victim missing
FACEBOOK: Denalda Nicole Renae a.ka. Sea Crust, 23, Rapper. Death has not been confirmed yet, but tributes have been paid to her by family and friends.









Vanessa Plotkin

FACEBOOK: Vanessa Plotkin, 21, attends UC Berkeley Student. Family Members reported her missing.

Michela Gregory and Alex Vega, Oakland Fire
FACEBOOK: Michela Gregory and Alex Vega, Couple missing.








Alex Ghassan and his long-distance fiancee, Hanna Henrikka Ruax

FACEBOOK: Alex Ghassan, worked with Soike Lee, and his long-distance fiancee, Hanna Henrikka Ruax, Yoga Instructor, from Helsinki, Finland. Missing

Micah Danemayer and Alana Kane. Oakland Fire Missing
FACEBOOK: Micah Danemayer, Music Producer and Alana Kane. Oakland Fire Missing, Couple.









David Clines, 35, confirmed dead, Oakland Fire
FACEBOOK: David Clines, 35, confirmed dead.








FACEBOOK Peter Wadsworth, Oakland Fire missing
FACEBOOK: Peter Wadsworth lived in the Ghostship Building where the fire started.










Sara Hoda, Oakland Fire Missing
FACEBOOK: Sara Hoda, 30, Montessori School teacher, helped set up collective for creatives, confirmed dead.









Nick Gomez-Hall, Oakland Fire
FACEBOOK: Nick Gomez-Hall, 25, graduate of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, played guitar for the Two-Man Band Nightmom. confirmed dead. His employer, an Independent Publisher Counterpoint Press, said he was “kind, considerate, and hilarious.”










DJ Johnny Igaz, Oakland Fire Missing
FACEBOOK: DJ Johnny Igaz, was reportedly playing a set when the fire broke out, missing. as a record buyer in San Francisco. On Facebook, his friends called him a beautiful soul.









Travis Hough, Oakland Fire
FACEBOOK: Travis Hough, 35, a member of Oakland Electronic Band Ghost of Lightning, confirmed dead.









Amanda Allen, Oakland Fire missing
FACEBOOK: Amanda Allen, 34, dancer and photographer from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, missing. Her mother Linda Regan confirmed in a Facebook message to a reporter. The family is “praying for a miracle,” Regan wrote, Lowell Sun stated.










Cash Askew, Oakland Fire missing
FACEBOOK: Cash Askew, 22, Transgender, Oakland Musician, one of two members of the band “Them Are Us Too”, confirmed dead. Her girlfriend, Anya Taylor, said Cash is a total “goofball.”









Chelsea Faith, Oakland fire
FACEBOOK: Chelsea Faith Dolan, Stage Name, Cherushii an Electronic Musician in San Francisco, missing. She was performing at the Ghost Ship party at the time the fire broke out.









Confirmed Dead, but will remain namely at the request of a friend.
Confirmed Dead, but will remain namely at the request of a friend.








Brandon Chase Wittenauer, Oakland Fire
INSTAGRAM: Brandon Chase Wittenauer, Stage Name, Nex Iuguolois, an Electronic Musician, from Hayward, California, confirmed dead.










So much hate in the world…


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