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Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched at Sa Neter’s Reunion

Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched at Se Neter's Reunion

Tommy Sotomayor Screams CALLS THE POLICE!!!

Tommy Sotomayor goes to Harlem, looking for Brother Polight, ended up at the Conscious Community, celebrates Sa Neter’s Reunion, and gets punched. One of the Brothers didn’t like the way Sotomayor was raising his voice in front of black women. Tommy should have already known he was gonna get the business when he was confronted by the brother in the red about his videos, plus the fellow brought up the lady Sotomayor got into the car accident in Texas. The crazy thing is Sotomayor did not hit back in the video. BLANK STARE!!! How does a

real man who is big and bad with black women lets another man punch in in the face and he just screams and walks away??? Then Tommy Sotomayor calls the police after being punched.  And he calls on Darren Wilson, the police who killed Michael Brown? Really? What type of black man wants his own people to get killed? He says he swears to God that white people start killing blacks. How dare you play innocent Tommy Sotomayor.

HE IS SCARED AND SHOOK IN THE VIDEO OF THE BLACK MAN WHO PUNCHED HIM! But he says he wanted to punch the black woman. This can’t be life.  But we gotta stop the hate though.

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