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8 Things White Men Love About Black Women

8 Things White Men Love About black Women

What I love About A Black Woman

“People say black women are loud mouths. They talk loud. They use loud words. They curse a lot. But I don’t believe that to be the case. What I see is black women are very expressive. They know how to communicate. They know how to say what they want. I prefer to have straight talk.”

Negative images and brutal words are often used to describe the black woman. She is lazy, not marriage material, the worst looking women on earth, worth $5, always pregnant, angry bitch, manly, too strong, loud mouth and the list goes on and on. Yes, some black women fit those stereotypes, but there are other race of women who fit those categories too. All of this is just a myth and doesn’t represent the real black woman.

But here is what Coen Naninck, a gorgeous white guy, has to say about black women. He sums it up in 8 different ways.

  • Her shaded skin makes her features really pop out.  When I look at a black woman, the different curves that comprise her body, makes her features stand out more. It makes us stare.
  • They are amazing kissers. It’s not just about the physical sensation of her lips. When they kiss, they have a surrendering to the kiss. My experience with kissing a black woman, it comes natural.
  • They are intense. Whenever I’m around a black woman, I feel this intensity, the energy. I can’t really explain it, but I am sure other white men know what I mean. The energy, the feeling, it’s all different. I feel this natural attraction to them. It feels really good, as if it was designed for black and white to mingle.
  • Black Women know how to be tender. They have this natural flow. They have this tenderness about them.
  • They have this natural curiosity for white men. They want to know what it’s like to date a white guy. They are really inquisitive. They ask questions. They want to know about me. Whenever I’m with a black woman, she makes me feel important. She want to know about me. I love that.
  • When we are clueless, they take the lead. Whenever things get boring, they come up with the initiative to go and do something. I love it when a woman is proactive.
  • They are very expressive. They know how to communicate. They know how to say what you want. I prefer to have straight talk.
  • They are natural empaths. They have this natural tendency to feel how you feel. They engage your mood and adjust accordingly. Empathy is one aspect of them. They are intuitive. They know what goes on in your body, your mind, and this allows you to connect with them more, than just on a sexual level. But Tommy Sotomayor, the black guy who hate black women, feels totally different.

“Black Men always say we only want black women for sex. But maybe, a lot of you guys don’t understand the intensity of the experience we experience. Maybe your focus is too much on the physical of it. When I am with a black woman, I feel those emotions. I feel the intensity. I feel that connection. I can look into her eyes and feel the life, energy, running through my veins. It’s an amazing experience.”

8 Things White Men Love About black Women


No matter the trials and tribulations in your race, never give up love.

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